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What Do I Need For My Office?

When we think about what we need for a new office, most of us think of the basics first: a desk and a chair. But we also need to investigate what we need the furniture for first.
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Ideas for a Home Office

Most of us have an idea already of what we’d want our home office to look like, but are unable to make that idea into a reality. We're here to help.
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Kids Are Off to College – Great Ideas For That LARGE Spare Room: Part 2

So let’s say your kid left for college and now you are left with a large spare room, bet those wheels are turning right about now. A great way to transform that large room is by having a well designed home office with affordable office furniture.

Podany’s is known for having great office furniture for all budgets; not just the larger budgets. We believe everyone should love their office and have it as a … Read More

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Kids Are Off to College – Great Ideas For That SMALL Spare Room: Part 1

In our office furniture warehouses we have a large variety of office desks that can be arranged in any sized office, even the smaller ones. We can offer our clients custom furniture, new furniture, used furniture, and refurbished furniture in the size they need.
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Classic and Traditional Is Never Out of Style

Classic style furniture could share some qualities with a valuable aged wine: no matter what era it came from, it may never be out of fashion. Well-designed office furniture can show sophistication and professionalism.

Many trends come and go, but classic style furniture is a never ending trend with its sophisticated style and professional look. These pieces are the perfect office furniture for any business or law firm that needs to look professional.

Podany’s carries … Read More

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Furniture Buying Tips for the Office

When you‘re ready for an upgrade to your home office or work office, ask yourself the following:

  • What furniture can be reused?
  • How much space do I have to work with?
  • What’s my budget?

Reuse: Most who have the means to purchase completely new furniture will do just that but, sometimes you don’t need new furniture. Maybe you just want a new look. Refurbishing used office furniture allows you the ability to get “new” … Read More

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Arranging Office Furniture In A Small Office Or Home Office

If you have decided to use a small room in your house for a home office or moved into a new and smaller office deciding where to put the furniture can be a serious headache.  But, it’s actually not a difficult task to arrange or create a work or home office out of a small room.  Two of the most important things include positioning and vertical space.

Positioning: For a small office, an L-shaped Read More

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Simple & Professional Receptionist Desk

Smart companies understand that the first impression is the most important. The reception desk is the first place you can show the professionalism of your company.

Podany’s has desks available for all reception styles. But if you’re looking for a simple desk that shows your professionalism, the Receptionist Station might be a perfect fit. And with 25 laminate finishes, it should match any furniture you already have in mind for that area. Furthermore, the wood … Read More

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The Latest Trend In Design & Comfort

At Podany’s we like staying on top of the latest trends in office furniture.

An office chair you may want to take a look at (whether you’re a fan of bungie jumping or just comfortable work seating) is the Bungie Chair.

These chairs are equally durable and comfortable. We have them available in several popular colors: black, blue, green, and red. Stop by one of our showrooms in Minnesota or Wisconsin to feel the … Read More

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verb /riˈfərbiSH/ to renovate and redecorate

There’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when buying new furniture. But, sometime down the road that furniture begins to look a little outdated, and maybe even has a few stains.  Eventually, that accomplished feeling turns to a slightly embarrassed feeling.

These days a lot of companies and home offices want the new office look without that new office price, or maybe the furniture just … Read More

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Deciding on the Right Office Furniture for Productivity

To increase productivity in the workspace we often think of testing out new incentive programs, increasing accountability or even upgrading to newer technology.  But how about reevaluating the office furniture?  Believe it or not how your office is arranged can have a substantial impact on productivity.  That’s why in this blog post we wanted to provide three different things to consider when deciding the type of furniture that’s right for your company office.

  1. Level
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Tips on Arranging Your Home Office Furniture

More people than ever before are working out of their homes. Learning how to organize your home office furniture can have a large effect on making your office more conducive for working , while also creating separation between your work and personal life.
Below are some basic tips for optimizing your home office space.

  1. First let’s start with the work desk as this will be the main piece in your office. Your work desk should
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