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Our Stylish Scandinavian Style Writing Desk

We’d like to take a minute to showcase a truly unique and stylish desk: our Scandinavian style desk with writing surface. It’s a stunning piece of furniture.
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Custom Office Desks

Podany’s Office Equipment is not only known for being able to provide a great selection of new and used office furniture for any home office, or company office but, we are also able to provide the choice of creating a custom office desk.
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Choosing an Expandable Conference Room Table

Remember that when choosing a conference table it is not only about which one looks the most expensive. There are many factors that everyone must remember prior to even starting the search process.

  • Purchase what you need not want. Come with a budget in mind. With our great prices you’re more than likely to find your perfect table within that budget.
  • Measure the room you plan on using as your conference room. Make sure you
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verb /riˈfərbiSH/ to renovate and redecorate

There’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when buying new furniture. But, sometime down the road that furniture begins to look a little outdated, and maybe even has a few stains.  Eventually, that accomplished feeling turns to a slightly embarrassed feeling.

These days a lot of companies and home offices want the new office look without that new office price, or maybe the furniture just … Read More

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Top Office Furniture Brands At Podany’s

There’s a reason our warehouse showrooms are so big. In the spirit of great selection, Podany’s represents more than 300 office furniture manufacturers at each of our two locations.

For shoppers who like browsing through endless choices, our variety is a tremendous resource. Clean, quiet, and very expansive, both our Minneapolis furniture showroom and Milwaukee furniture showroom, are ideal furniture shopping environments. We feature tasteful and practical lines from the best and brightest manufacturers … Read More

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