Choosing an Expandable Conference Room Table

Remember that when choosing a conference table it is not only about which one looks the most expensive. There are many factors that everyone must remember prior to even starting the search process.

  • Purchase what you need not want. Come with a budget in mind. With our great prices you’re more than likely to find your perfect table within that budget.
  • Measure the room you plan on using as your conference room. Make sure you know exactly how much room you have. Remember to think of comfort not only in chairs but in tables also.
  • Most importantly choose something that matches with the office environment. Always have color and style in mind.

With that said an almost perfect fit would be one of our expandable conference tables.

The first one is a boatshape expandable conference table that we can add 24” extensions to the top so the table can go from 8’ long to as long as you need. This table is available in Cherry or Expresso.

The second expandable conference table can reach up to 20’ long and can be found three different colors: Light, Medium, and Dark Cherry.

When looking at these tables don’t forget to also check out our office chairs. They are as comfortable as they look and, more.

We always recommend coming to one of our showrooms located in Minneapolis, MN and Milwaukee, WI. So you can see the furniture and, colors available up-close and personal.

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