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Our Stylish Scandinavian Style Writing Desk

We’d like to take a minute to showcase a truly unique and stylish desk: our Scandinavian style desk with writing surface. It’s a stunning piece of furniture.
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Scandia Concept – Popular & Unique Wall Units

If your home or work office is getting cluttered and unorganized with storage units it’s time to upgrade.

The Scandia Concept is not only appealing to the eye but, with the option of  wood and/or glass doors available you can get the storage you want with the ability to show off trophies, awards, and pictures. This wall unit can also be customized to include filing drawers, cabinets, crown molding, wood, and glass doors. Nothing will … Read More

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The Latest Trend In Design & Comfort

At Podany’s we like staying on top of the latest trends in office furniture.

An office chair you may want to take a look at (whether you’re a fan of bungie jumping or just comfortable work seating) is the Bungie Chair.

These chairs are equally durable and comfortable. We have them available in several popular colors: black, blue, green, and red. Stop by one of our showrooms in Minnesota or Wisconsin to feel the … Read More

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What Does It Mean For An Office To Be Ergonomic?

A topic that we often hear mentioned today is the importance of office ergonomics.  One of the more common applications that we tend to think of involves heavy lifting, and the importance of using proper lifting techniques to prevent over exertion.  Although heavy lifting is certainly a major concern, other aspects of working in an office environment can take their toll on the human body as well, and are as equally important to office ergonomics.… Read More

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Deciding on the Right Office Furniture for Productivity

To increase productivity in the workspace we often think of testing out new incentive programs, increasing accountability or even upgrading to newer technology.  But how about reevaluating the office furniture?  Believe it or not how your office is arranged can have a substantial impact on productivity.  That’s why in this blog post we wanted to provide three different things to consider when deciding the type of furniture that’s right for your company office.

  1. Level
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Ergonomic Office On The Go

With the rising popularity of working from home, or working remotely, consideration should be paid to the less traditional ergonomic offices and turned to mobile offices and work spaces.
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