Ergonomic Office On The Go

With the rising popularity of working from home, or working remotely, consideration should be paid to the less traditional ergonomic offices and turned to mobile offices and work spaces.

Often an on-site work environment provides you with the stability to set your monitor height, chair arm rests, and desk height to the preferred levels and then it stays that way, day in and day out at the office.  When you are working off-site however you have less control over these factors and rarely have the time to configure a small table at a coffeeshop to fit your needs.

So what can you control to help any space to be more ergonomic?

  • If you are working off site often, travel with a laptop stand to raise your monitor up.  Using a laptop stand that can adjust to various height is ideal for those who travel often and may find themselves at tables of all sizes.
  • Make sure to find a chair in the coffee shop or hotel lobby that encourages good posture – feet flat on the floor and back support.  Skip the overstuffed chair that provides little support when you are working.
  • Look for an area that has some natural light, but not shining directly on your monitor.  Adjusting monitor brightness in each new lighting environment is also important to avoid eye strain which can cause you to not be able to work efficiently.
  • Invest in external accessories for the laptop – a mouse and keyboard.  This helps alleviate the cramped style a laptop often forces on a user.  Being cramped with the laptop is bad for extended periods of use.

These tips can help to make any off-site workspace more ergonomic which helps you work more efficiently and feel better.  Our office furniture experts at Podany’s can help answer your concerns about home and office furniture ergonomics and we can make personalized recommendations that will benefit the end user of the office furniture.

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