What Does It Mean For An Office To Be Ergonomic?

A topic that we often hear mentioned today is the importance of office ergonomics.  One of the more common applications that we tend to think of involves heavy lifting, and the importance of using proper lifting techniques to prevent over exertion.  Although heavy lifting is certainly a major concern, other aspects of working in an office environment can take their toll on the human body as well, and are as equally important to office ergonomics.

What is office ergonomics?  Simply stated, office ergonomics is a matter of making the office fit the workers, and not making the workers fit the office.  It’s about making employees as comfortable as possible.  Any activity performed for a long period of time can cause strain on the body, even working at a desk.  It’s important to have ergonomic office chairs that support the lower back, have full adjustability to prevent neck and eye strain, while also supporting a wide range of mobility.  Every twist and turn adds up.  An uncomfortable work environment can lead to injury, additional stress and loss in productivity.

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