Deciding on the Right Office Furniture for Productivity

To increase productivity in the workspace we often think of testing out new incentive programs, increasing accountability or even upgrading to newer technology.  But how about reevaluating the office furniture?  Believe it or not how your office is arranged can have a substantial impact on productivity.  That’s why in this blog post we wanted to provide three different things to consider when deciding the type of furniture that’s right for your company office.

  1. Level of Collaboration – Team chemistry is important, especially if you are in an industry that requires extensive collaboration on projects.  If the level of collaboration in your office is high then there should be a significant focus on improving conference rooms and meeting areas.  Most conference rooms include a large conference table with electrical integration, office chairs, whiteboards and a display screen.  And for meeting areas often a lot of open space, comfortable couches and a whiteboard can really enhance group creativity.
  2. Size of the Work Force – The size of your workforce will determine whether or not office partitions are something your company needs. Typically companies with fewer employees will not require the use of cubicles, as long as there is enough wall space and electrical outlets.  For companies that have a large workforce, cubicles are often the best solution
  3. Amount of Storage – There has been a dramatic shift towards electronic data storage for many businesses, but nevertheless many still require the use of paper file storage.  If that’s the case then employees should all have their own filing cabinets in order to stay organized and remain efficient.

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