Arranging Office Furniture In A Small Office Or Home Office

If you have decided to use a small room in your house for a home office or moved into a new and smaller office deciding where to put the furniture can be a serious headache.  But, it’s actually not a difficult task to arrange or create a work or home office out of a small room.  Two of the most important things include positioning and vertical space.

Positioning: For a small office, an L-shaped desk is recommended with the individual positioned in the center of that.  It is best to place the desk in a corner of the office instead of the center so that you effectively use every inch of that office. The main reason for the L-shaped desk is so that you can use your desk with an attached storage section and more counter top space.

Keep the objects you use most next to or behind you. If you have to constantly use the printer place it somewhere close to you. The goal is to use every minute of your time effectively and prevent you from getting up every couple of minutes to walk around, creating more interruptions in your workday. That’s the last thing you want especially if you’re “on a roll”.

Vertical Space: Since the space in the office will be limited, using the vertical space of the office will be essential to making sure you have enough room for your work or home office.  For example, some vertical file cabinets or a Steelcraft lateral file would be much better to use than a wide storage cabinet that cannot be stacked for safety reasons.

Also a wall unit or hutches would help a lot with leaving more room open while still providing much needed storage spaces.

Here are some other tips we listed on our website a while back in the blog “Tips on Arranging Your Home Office Furniture:”

  • If you have a choice, pick a room or section of the house that is farthest away from the bedroom. This will help create an psychological separation between a work place and a rest place.
  • Limit the amount of fluorescent light. It’s best that you have as much natural light as possible. Also, if you decide to add a desk lamp or floor lamp make sure it does not clutter your desk or work area. If you feel cluttered it could add more stress and discomfort.

If you need more help on deciding what type of desk or office furniture would be best for your small office or home office come to Podany’s showrooms in Minneapolis or Milwaukee with your office space measurements.  We’ll gladly show you what will not only look best but help maximize the use of your work or home office.

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