What Do I Need For My Office?

When we think about what we need for a new office, most of us think of the basics first: a desk and a chair. But we also need to investigate the answers to these questions:

One by one these will help get your mind thinking about narrowing down your options so that you know what is best for you.

Choosing Office Furniture

What kind of desk do I want? For this question you should stand in the room / space you plan on using and look at the amount of space you have for a desk. If you plan on having clients in the room, you’ll need to factor in seating for the clients. Also, think whether you would prefer a corner desk, a U-shaped desk, or an L-shaped desk.

What kind of chair is best for me? Most people don’t really think about what kind of chair is best for them. Many believe all chairs are created equal; this is incorrect.

Think about how long you will be sitting on this desk. For example an artist might not need a full-back chair because they are hovering over the desk making sure every line is perfect. But a receptionist will need a full-back chair because they need the extra support all day.

Do I need space for storage? Again, this may depend on the job; certain jobs will just need a small mobile drawer to hold a few supplies, while other jobs require more security and a locked cabinet.

If you have any problem answering these questions, contact us so that we can help. Our sales and design professionals are here to help clients determine what they need for their office.

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