Tips on Arranging Your Home Office Furniture

More people than ever before are working out of their homes. Learning how to organize your home office furniture can have a large effect on making your office more conducive for working , while also creating separation between your work and personal life.
Below are some basic tips for optimizing your home office space.

  1. First let’s start with the work desk as this will be the main piece in your office. Your work desk should be placed as far away from your bedroom as possible, to create an emotional separation between work and rest. It’s best to avoid having your back to the door and having your desk facing a wall. If you can’t avoid having your desk to the wall, a good fix would be to incorporate energetic pictures or artwork on that wall.
  2. Lighting is another important aspect of your office. Limit the amount of fluorescent bulbs you have and make lighting as natural as possible. If you decide to use floor or desk lamps make sure they don’t add clutter to the room or your desk surface.
  3. Lastly, it’s very important for your home office to be organized and clutter free to avoid any unnecessary stress. Find creative ways to store your items by investing in some storage bins or cabinets, or if you can’t fit things in your office look at having dedicated space outside your office for such things. Minimalism is the key and can help with your peace of mind more than you realize.

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