Kids Are Off to College – Great Ideas For That SMALL Spare Room: Part 1

Now that the kids are leaving the house and going off to college you’ll finally have some extra room again.  Often, homeowners may turn this extra space into a “man cave” or “woman lounge” but, chances are you’ll just have one extra room and it’ll be an argument to see which spouse gets the room.

Instead, creating a relaxing home office can be beneficial to both partners, and should your child come back home to visit they will have a study room to concentrate on their school work.

In our office furniture warehouses we have a large variety of office desks that can be arranged in any sized office, even the smaller ones. We can offer our clients custom furniture, new furniture, used furniture, and refurbished furniture in the size they need.

Be sure to visit our office furniture warehouses located conveniently near Minneapolis, MN and Milwaukee, WI. Before stopping in, we recommend that you:

  • Plan a budget. We have office furniture for all budgets.
  • Take measurements of the space you’ll be using.
  • Have a design in mind. Things like desired colors will help you choose furniture that’s just right.

Small Home Office Desks

Here are two of our desks for the smaller offices we offer, click on the links below to view in detail the following:

  • Corner Wedge Desk: The wedge desk fits perfectly in the corner of a smaller room leaving you with a more open look.
  • Mini L-Shaped Desk: A great example of what we can offer for a custom office desk for a small room is the custom mini L-shaped desk.

Contact us for more information on our small office furniture desks, and be sure to check out our office chairs. Every great desk deserves an equally great chair to study or work comfortably from.

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