Encourage Creativity in the Workplace

Innovation, teamwork, and collaboration are a few of many components to a company’s success. However, none of these would have been made possible without the push for creativity in the workplace. Here are a few ways to spark the creative juices among your own employees.

Create an Open Office Floor Plan

Open floor plans allow employees to communicate freely and work together without physical barriers. Not only is it easier for teams to have full … Read More

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Start the New Year Off Right – It’s Time To De-Clutter

With 2015 right around the corner, there is excitement about new beginnings and opportunities – both in personal and work life. Now is the time to create a work space that is not only functional, but keeps you organized and focused on the year ahead.

Here are some tips to de-clutter your work space and give you a head start into 2015.

  • Clear everything out and do a deep clean of the room. This includes
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How to Keep an Organized Workplace – Modular Filing Systems

Is paperwork starting to take over your desk to the point where it is almost impossible to find anything? If this is the case, it may be time to get organized. Modular Filing Systems is the solution to do just that. Not only will these filing systems keep your most important documents in order, but you will no longer waste precious time shuffling through all the clutter your desk once had.
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Updating Your Office Space – Open Plan System

Each desk has a distinct design, and each design represents a unique work environment. So what kind of desk is most practical for you and your business?

For years, cubicles have been effective in creating a non-disruptive work environment. For some, this is preferred as it allows individuals to focus more on their work without distraction. Cubicles may always stick around, but some businesses are starting to take a different approach. In an environment where … Read More

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The Benefits of the Sit/Stand Desk

A 9 to 5 work day requires a lot of sitting and can be the result of bad posture, bad health and fatigue. The sit/stand desk was designed to incorporate more movement into your work day and to benefit your overall health. Here are the top five reasons why people love the sit/stand desk option at work:
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How to Select a Conference Table

A conference table is essential to your work environment to accommodate client and staff meetings throughout the week. It is important to follow three rules of thumb when selecting the perfect conference table for your office:

  • Conference Room Size – keep in mind to allow 42 inches between the edge of the conference table and the wall. This allows enough space for individuals to be able to push away from the table and the flexibility
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How to Arrange a Small Office

Podany’s office furniture will make arranging your small office easy by incorporating two important elements: positioning and vertical space.

Positioning: for a small office, an L-shaped desk is recommended. It’s ideal to place the desk in the corner of the office to effectively use every inch of your space. By utilizing a corner you are also more likely to be strategically placed next to more outlets. It is easy to add more storage and more … Read More

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New Year’s Resolution – A Quality Office Chair

With the New Year approaching, perhaps you’re asking yourself…  can I survive one more year with my current office chair?  As workers we spend a good amount of time sitting at our desks, and this can take a serious toll on our bodies overtime if something is not quite right.  Poor office chairs do not provide enough support, causing imbalances and poor posture that can lead to a higher risk of workplace injury.

At Podany’s, … Read More

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Office Furniture for the Holidays

If you feel like your office furniture can do for a little holiday cheer, but don’t have a large budget, Podany’s can offer you brand name furniture at competitive prices.

Podany’s has the largest discounted office furniture warehouse in Minnesota, and offers customers the gift of:

We offer our clients the … Read More

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Giving Thanks to Your Employees

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all the people that have made this year a great one. But, don’t forget to remember those people that come to work: rain, snow, shine, holidays, sick days, and car issues.

Employees do a lot for their employers, and yes, for some it’s just for the paycheck but, if you think about it you can name off a few employees that come for the love of their … Read More

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What Do I Need For My Office?

When we think about what we need for a new office, most of us think of the basics first: a desk and a chair. But we also need to investigate what we need the furniture for first.
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Our Stylish Scandinavian Style Writing Desk

We’d like to take a minute to showcase a truly unique and stylish desk: our Scandinavian style desk with writing surface. It’s a stunning piece of furniture.
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