Encourage Creativity in the Workplace

Innovation, teamwork, and collaboration are a few of many components to a company’s success. However, none of these would have been made possible without the push for creativity in the workplace. Here are a few ways to spark the creative juices among your own employees.

Create an Open Office Floor Plan

Open floor plans allow employees to communicate freely and work together without physical barriers. Not only is it easier for teams to have full visibility on the office to see how things are progressing throughout the day, but it is more convenient for employees to discuss projects without having to travel from room to room. Another popular trend of open office space plan is known as benching. This is where employees get to choose from multiple tables and lounge spaces to work from. Having an option to choose which work area feels most comfortable or even switching off different work spaces each day allows for an increased flow of creativity.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Creating an open floor plan is the first step, other adjustments like allowing employees to listen to music can have a great impact on creativity. Employees should feel inspired at work – think visual. Colors, paintings, and quotes all have an impact on the overall atmosphere of the workspace.  These visuals will help stimulate creativity, innovation, and a sense of excitement.

Create a Team Space

Not on board with the benching trend? Some place a high importance on having their own private work space, but implementing a team space for collaboration and discussion is just as important. This is one of the best ways to get the most from your work teams.

Encourage Creative Thinking

As a manager, it is important to listen to your employees and consider their innovative ideas and opinions. An employee will stop offering new ideas if they are repeatedly rejected or not listened to. To actually see more creativity happening in the workplace you have to encourage it, nurture it, and take it seriously. Listening and acknowledging others will keep the ball rolling.

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