Start the New Year Off Right – It’s Time To De-Clutter

With 2015 right around the corner, there is excitement about new beginnings and opportunities – both in personal and work life. Now is the time to create a work space that is not only functional, but keeps you organized and focused on the year ahead.

Here are some tips to de-clutter your work space and give you a head start into 2015.

  • Clear everything out and do a deep clean of the room. This includes vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the windows, etc.
  • Decide what items you actually need. This may even include a bookshelf or a segment of your desk. Clearing out objects or furniture you don’t necessarily need will significantly free up some open space that you were not aware of before.
  • Only place items in your office space that you use on a regular basis (computer, paper, pen, notebook, etc). Other items like extra business cards, stationary materials, and files should be stored away.
  • Each item in your office should have a specific spot to maximize not only desk space but also floor space. Keep it functional and pract6ical – this will keep you organized and focused.
  • Make it a part of your routine to organize your desk every few months. It’s best to avoid the common problem of clutter that slowly but surely makes its appearance.

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