How to Arrange a Small Office

Podany’s office furniture will make arranging your small office easy by incorporating two important elements: positioning and vertical space.

Positioning: for a small office, an L-shaped desk is recommended. It’s ideal to place the desk in the corner of the office to effectively use every inch of your space. By utilizing a corner you are also more likely to be strategically placed next to more outlets. It is easy to add more storage and more counter top space to L-shaped desks by attaching a storage unit.

Vertical Space: Since the space in the office will be limited, it’s best to think vertically instead of horizontally when it comes to your office materials. Build up instead of out.  For example, try some vertical file cabinets or  Steelcraft lateral files. Also, wall units or hutches are great additions for offices with limited room and storage.

Small Office Tips

  • Keep the main color neutral
  • Clear the clutter
  • Limit the amount of fluorescent light
  • Tame your electrical cords
  • Create hidden storage by utilizing space under your desk

If you need more help on deciding what type of desk or office furniture would be best for your small office visit Podany’s showrooms in Minneapolis or Milwaukee! We will help maximize the space in your small office with ease.

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