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4 Tips for Furnishing Your New Office

So you’re moving into a new office. First of all: congrats! Whether your organization is relocating, upgrading to a larger space, or starting from scratch, your new workspace can be a catalyst for success. Don’t think a great workplace has the power to elevate your business to new heights? Well, science disagrees with you.

Even if you already have all the office furniture you need, an office relocation is the perfect time to take … Read More

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Need A New Layout? Try an L-Shaped Desk!

Spring and summer are all about new, creative ideas, so why not re-arrange your office?

One of the best ways to maximize space and productivity in any office space is with L –shaped desks. Not only do they give you more surface area than a typical desk, their shape gives you the option of moving the desk around to various parts of the room while still maintaining a fluid layout.

The beauty of L-shaped desks … Read More

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Office Furniture in 2016 – The Year of Collaboration

With millennials pouring into the workplace, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest trends to come out of the last few years have revolved around trying to make offices more accessible with a modern, “home-y” twist.

Obviously, you want your office to look inviting and fun, but you want it to function efficiently as well. That’s why we’re dubbing 2016, “The Year of Collaboration.”

Modular Furniture Means Options
One of the main reasons our … Read More

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4 Alternative Office Furniture Products That Boost Productivity

Let’s face it – sitting at the same desk every day can get a little repetitive. A plain or boring work area can lead to disengaged employees and low productivity for executives and interns alike. So how can you get out of the funk?

It might be time to consider alternative work set-ups. More and more companies are realizing the value of creative office arrangements and work space designs, and it’s impacting their bottom lines. … Read More

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Office Furniture Trends of 2016: The Community Work Table

Modern office furniture design is increasingly focusing on collaborative environments. Workspaces that allow people to work together can improve the quality of your projects as well as increase employee satisfaction.

One old standard offices are re-purposing for a new function is the conference table. As a community work table, they lend themselves to group efforts or simply working in the presence of others instead of isolated at your desk or cubicle.

This trend is a … Read More

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Spring Cleaning? Donate or Refurbish Used Furniture

One of the best things about spring cleaning is the extra space after getting rid of any unwanted or unused junk around the office. However, just because your furniture is used or may need fixing, doesn’t mean you should throw it away just yet.

While Podany’s has a huge selection of brand new furniture, we are glad to take any unwanted furniture off your hands – we’ll even come pick it up! We try to … Read More

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Creating a Comfortable Reception Space: Leather Furniture

What is the main purpose of your reception space? Most would say that it is an area to welcome guests and clients. But what is even more important that an inviting atmosphere? Comfortability. This all starts with high quality furniture. Straying away from the typical bland waiting room, opting for a more professional look by adding leather couches and chairs helps create a more pleasant experience as soon as visitors walk through the door.

Commercial Read More

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How to Create the Ultimate Home Office Space

Within the past few years, it has been clear that working remotely has been on the rise. It is extremely beneficial to those individuals who can have a separate space in their home to accommodate this work lifestyle. However, there are some individuals that find themselves restricted on space which can pose a challenge to fit in everything you need for work. Thankfully, workspaces are becoming more and more compact. Here are some handy tips Read More

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Trying to Get Rid of Old Office Furniture? We Can Take Care of It!

At Podany’s, we understand how difficult it can be to dispose old office furniture.  Third party donation services such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army often times won’t accept used furniture, because of its worn condition, or simply because they have too much inventory as it is.  Selling furniture on Craig’s list, Ebay. or other sources can at often times be cumbersome and can cause more trouble than anticipated.  Fortunately, we can help! There is … Read More

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Make a Statement in Your Office Lobby – Leather Reception Furniture

Making visitors and clients feel like they are welcomed as soon as they step into your office is very important. To transform your entryway to a more inviting space, try creating a comfortable waiting area. One way to do this is to add in some couches or chairs. Check out our leather reception furniture we have in our showroom!

Commercial quality, yet value priced reception seating. Available in Sofa, loveseat, and club chair. Several styles Read More

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Tips for Decorating Your Office Space

Whether you are looking to redecorate your home office or a small cubicle at corporate, your work space should be unique to you. Here are some tips on how to brighten up and add in some inspiration in the workplace.

Add Some Color

Whether it be a red couch or a bold accent wall, it’s important to add some element of visual appeal in the office. Stark white walls and generic office furniture can look … Read More

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Making Use of Small Spaces

Don’t have the luxury of a wide open floor plan in your office space? Although cubicles maximize capacity, these types of work stations aren’t the only option available for smaller offices.

A shared double workstation acts as a “2 in 1” desk in a sense that it combines two workstations into one work area – giving employees enough ample storage, work area, and floor space. What makes these desks unique is the open feel concept … Read More

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