Office Furniture Trends of 2016: The Community Work Table

Modern office furniture design is increasingly focusing on collaborative environments. Workspaces that allow people to work together can improve the quality of your projects as well as increase employee satisfaction.

One old standard offices are re-purposing for a new function is the conference table. As a community work table, they lend themselves to group efforts or simply working in the presence of others instead of isolated at your desk or cubicle.

This trend is a carry-over from the restaurant and hotel industry where larger tables are being used to host larger groups of people, creating more of a communal atmosphere. Being seated with others encourages exchange of ideas and relationship-building, both of which are beneficial to any organization.

An open floor plan combined with community work tables are a good way to express your corporate values of teamwork and progressive thinking. Co-working spaces can help decrease division between departments and increase feelings of community within your company.

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