Office Furniture in 2016 – The Year of Collaboration

With millennials pouring into the workplace, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest trends to come out of the last few years have revolved around trying to make offices more accessible with a modern, “home-y” twist.

Obviously, you want your office to look inviting and fun, but you want it to function efficiently as well. That’s why we’re dubbing 2016, “The Year of Collaboration.”

Modular Furniture Means Options
One of the main reasons our customers choose our Modular Concepts workstations is because they give you options that other pieces don’t. If there’s one thing your office can’t afford to be, it’s boring. There is no better way to instill the idea of collaboration than by using workspaces that can be changed at will. Modular furniture helps eliminate the feeling of confinement that you sometimes have with other, more permanent furniture choices.

Bring The Home Office to The Office
When you think of being at home, you think of one thing: comfort.  Offices are starting to think the same way, swapping the typical chair and desk combo for sit/stand desks, communal work spaces and comfy couches, or counters with high seating to match.

Community tables and open work areas are perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere that encourages brainstorming sessions and gets creative juices flowing. You can even go one step further and paint your walls in varied, colorful hues to brighten up the office and compliment your furniture choices.

If you want to promote creativity and motivate young minds, you can’t go wrong with a modern, open, colorful take on your office space.

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