Would You Buy a Home Without Seeing It?

Have you ever purchased prescription glasses online?  How about shoes?  Despite the risk of buying something that won’t fit when it arrives, consumers are being offered new online retail options every day.

Some things, however, just shouldn’t be bought without careful, in-person experience beforehand.  This is why you’ll probably never buy a home for your family straight off a website.  Sure, that site may show you useful dimensions, property characteristics, room features, and even a variety of great-looking photos.  But are you likely to take out a 30-year mortgage on something that “looks good online?”  Probably not.

Similarly, there are other things that most people prefer to touch and test before they buy.  And office furniture is one of them.  When you consider that your next office desk is something you may interact with for nearly half of your waking life, you’re going to want to make sure it fits you and your work needs.

Office chairs are another good example of something to try before you buy.  You might get lucky ordering socks online, but if you want an office chair that feels great day-in and day-out, you owe it to your body to make sure you’ve chosen the right one in person.

Chances are, you already know this.  If you’ve ever tried on a pair of shoes at the store, or took a new car for a test drive first, you understand the value of a “well-informed decision process.”

At Podany’s, we’re big fans of the well-informed decision process.  And while we may not have invented it, we like to think we’ve helped perfect it.  Customers who visit our showrooms are encouraged to inspect our office furniture, sit on chairs, and open drawers.  Furthermore, our friendly staff is always available to answer questions and offer experienced recommendations.

We want every one of our customers to be happy with their office furniture investment.  And history shows us that people are usually happier when they know what they’re buying.  Stop in today at either of our two locations in Minneapolis and Milwaukee, and take your new office for a test drive.

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