Smart Furniture Buying, Pt. 1: Repurposing

Everyone loves a utility player.  Whether it’s the baseball player who can hit strong and play every position with incredible aptitude, or the administrative assistant who keeps the office running like a well-oiled machine, we need our utility players.

What we don’t usually think of when we hear that phrase, though, is office furniture.

When your business or organization is in belt-tightening mode, our staff can help you make your office furniture budget go farther than you might have thought possible.  Not only do we stock a wide array of office furniture at affordable prices, but our team members are always happy to recommend ways for you to get more for your money.

One way is by repurposing a single piece of furniture to meet multiple needs.  Using an attractive wood file cabinet, for example, as a place to set your fax machine can free up used table space elsewhere in the room.  Moreover, it may free up money in your budget to get other items you need right now.

No business is immune from the effects of our constantly changing economy.  But smart purchasing can ensure that your office remains comfortable and productive despite the world outside.

This kind of smart planning is necessary in today’s market, and Podany’s is eager to help you find new ways to keep your office space efficient, comfortable, and best of all, productive.

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