Relocating Your Office? Make it a Good Move. Pt. 2

In part one of our office relocation tips, we discussed the merits of obtaining a floor plan for the new space, making plans for the walls and floors, creating an inventory list of your existing items, and determining what new items you’ll need to acquire for the move.

With these action items completed, here are some more tips for relocating your office.

Draft a budget for your new office furniture. As most savvy business owners and decision makers know, creating and sticking to a budget can do great things for the bottom line. Using what you’ve determined already regarding your furniture and office storage needs, put together a list of items in order of priority and figure out what you can afford to spend.

During this step, incidentally, is a great time to consult the experienced professionals at Podany’s. Our team is eager to make sure your office is furnished and equipped to succeed. We recognized that there are as many different budgets as there are businesses, and we can help you meet your needs based on particular resources.

With these plans in place, now is the time to create a moving schedule. Because several departments and individuals will likely be involved in the move, it may help to have one “master” schedule around which others can be synchronized. Account for the availability of your own people as well as the schedule of those leaving or preparing your future workspace.

Lastly, coordinate your final plans with your Podany’s representative, and arrange your actual your delivery date.

Moving offices can be hectic; there are always variables that can—and will—pop up unexpectedly. However, if you go into this new chapter of your business with these plans in place, you can minimize the daunting effects of some of those surprises.

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