Relocating Your Office? Make it a Good Move. Pt. 1

You’ve put in long hours looking for a new office, you’ve found the right workspace, the ink on the new lease is dry, and it looks like everything is set for the big move. Fortunately, a few of your move’s biggest hurdles are now behind you. If you’re moving offices, though, there are still a few challenges that need your attention.

Avoid being overwhelmed by breaking it out into a list of smaller tasks, and handle them one-by-one.

Get the layout for your new space. Having blueprints or a floor plan for your new office will enable you to prepare now before you can actually be there in person. If possible, account for outlets, phone jacks, and Ethernet access points on your plans.

Make plans for your walls and floors. The best time to make necessary changes to your walls and flooring is now, before all your furniture is there to get in the way. Whether paint or wallpaper, carpeting or bare floors, choose colors and patterns that won’t distract from or wash out the rest of the office.

Consider your existing assets. What do you have already, in terms of office furniture and storage, that you’ll want to keep during the move? There will probably be some items (perhaps many) that you won’t want to bring with you. Make an inventory list by categories of all the items you’ll bring to the new location.

Determine what office furniture and storage you’ll need to acquire for the new location. Even if you plan to bring everything you currently have, the new office will bring with it new opportunities and new needs. Take this opportunity to upgrade your current office furniture and ensure that your move is a good one for you and your whole team.

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