Like your Job, Love your Office

At Podany’s, we have a motto: Like your job; love your office. And as anyone who spends the majority of their working hours in an office knows, there is value in those words.

For many of us, our work helps define who we are. Our jobs are a big part of our identity, and by extension, where we work is a big part of our lives. Whether we think about it or not, the workplace for most Americans really is a home away from home. At work, we run through a whole range of tasks and emotions. Whether it’s the anxiety of struggling up the company ladder, the burden of staring at the front end of an overwhelming assignment, or the relief of seeing an enormous project through to completion, work is where we do a lot of our living.

With so many things competing for our attention, it’s no surprise that we occasionally overlook some of our needs, even the basic ones. Our offices, for example, don’t always get the thought and planning they really deserve. If there are a few things that absolutely must be considered strategically, though, your workspace is one of them.

In our upcoming blog we’ll give you an easy way to get the ball rolling. No cost, no expertise, no professional consultants; just an easy self-evaluation of your office to get you started down the right track.

Start With a New Frame of Mind
In the meantime, begin by seeing your office through a new lens. Instead of just a space where you sit down and do some work, consider that your office is your most used and most valuable job tool. Recognizing the huge difference that an efficient office makes is the first step towards impacting your productivity.

There’s a reason why, for questions or concerns about office furniture, Minnesota contacts one source for trusted advice: Podany’s. Give us a call to find out how we can help you love your office.

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