Have You Looked at Your Office Lately?

When was the last time you cleared 15 minutes from your calendar and looked—really looked—at your office? When was the last time you stood up and examined your work area from all angles, taking note of your used and unused spaces? Every comfortable and efficient office starts with this first step.

As you inspect your workspace, ask yourself a few initial questions:

  • What tasks or motions do I most often make throughout the day?
  • What’s getting in my way when I do those things?
  • What items in my office are taking up space, but not being used?
  • What items are missing that might speed up my work?
  • Where is most of the light coming into my office?
  • Am I taking advantage of that light, or is it making my work more difficult?
  • When, throughout my day, am I most uncomfortable? Where is that strain coming from?

Take an inventory of your answers and compare your findings with your current office furniture. If you “inherited” this work space from someone before you, it was likely configured for an employee with different habits, different motions/movements, and a different body composition.

No single office is a one-size-fits-all solution. There are as many different ideal offices as there are different job roles and employees. Even among a similar set of employees tasked with similar jobs, for a workspace to be truly efficient, it must meet the unique profiles of those individuals.

Consider your office, your habits, and your means, and then determine a plan to make your work area actually work for you. The best place to go from there is to the experts who strategize on these kinds of issues everyday: the office furniture Minnesota team at Podany’s.

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